I have developed a range of high-quality and extremely robust storage solutions.

Each one is uniquely designed to best fit the site and customer requirements. This makes the best possible use of space and allows flexibility of design for additional elements such as bike or pram shelters - the possibilities are endless. I use much larger grade timber than would be supplied with an off-the-shelf product, giving a much more robust and durable structure. 

Models can be free-standing or lean-to, both of which are completely built on site. I can also build and supply smaller, movable wood stores. 

Wood is usually treated softwood unless otherwise requested. Similarly the roofing materials is generally felt (tarred and nailed) but could be sheeting, slate, or wooden shingles.

I am based in East Lancashire but travel widely and am willing to travel to many parts of the country, particularly north Wales and the north east of England. I have developed my 'sheds' following an initial request for a wood shed and subsequent requests following word of mouth recommendation as a means of providing an income whilst pursuing a career in the forestry industry.

For any custom made structure it is usually necessary to carry out a site visit before deciding on a design and a firm price quote. As I am a sole trader I will have to keep costs to a minimum and may require a firm commitment to order before travelling long distances. However, it may be possible to work from photographs when working on a design. Again to keep my costs down my designs usually consist of an indicative hand drawing. 

I will usually spend several days on site and may require access to electricity should I require power tools. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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PRIVACY POLICY: On no account will I pass on your details to third parties without your express permission.